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The Deal (2022) __TOP__

In 2021, President Joe Biden said the United States would return to the deal if Iran came back into compliance. Renewed diplomacy initially seemed promising, but after stop-and-go talks, it remains unclear if the parties can come to an agreement.

The Deal (2022)

Prior to the JCPOA, the P5+1 had been negotiating with Iran for years, offering its government various incentives to halt uranium enrichment. After the 2013 election of President Hassan Rouhani, who was viewed as a reformer, the parties came to a preliminary agreement to guide negotiations for a comprehensive deal.

In April 2020, the United States announced its intention to snap back sanctions. The other P5 members objected to the move, saying the United States could not unilaterally implement the mechanism because it left the nuclear deal in 2018.

The big picture: Consumers' appetite for saving with loyalty programs is growing as inflation keeps going up and restaurants continue to raise prices. In many cases, deals are now reserved only for reward members and through apps.

Subway has a limited-time buy-one-get-one free footlong sub deal for Sandwich Day and announced it is giving away 10,000 Subway Series footlong subs for air travelers stuck in the middle seat Thursday in a new sweepstakes.

The need for speed in business transformation, which is accelerating thanks to technological advances and the evolving economy, will keep dealmaking front and center. Whether changing supply chains, adopting new go-to-market approaches or adding capabilities, the market is impatient. The fastest way to transform a business is through M&A, divestitures or other deals.

While rising interest rates may make debt service more costly, rates are still far from historical highs. Lower valuations will create opportunities for acquirers. Companies with healthy balance sheets and a strong strategic vision can use deals as a path to business transformation and increased shareholder value.

The median acquirer during the 2001 recession outperformed its peers by 2.43% over the next six months and 7.01% over the next year. Those deals were characterized by strong buyers executing smaller deals at lower valuations. Firms that made acquisitions early in the recession tended to see higher overall returns in stock value. Similar conditions exist now.

Economic uncertainty. Inflation and the rising cost of capital continue to alter deal calculus and influence the financial markets. The possibility of a recession is also shaping expectations.

US dollar strength and cross-border deal flow. While inflation and other macroeconomic forces are roiling markets and economies around the country, the US remains better positioned than other industrialized countries, with relatively lower inflation and low unemployment. We expect this to translate into sustained strength for the dollar compared to other major currencies. This could create significant opportunities for corporates with a clear global strategy and strong balance sheets. Conversely, however, the strong dollar will create more challenges for non-US firms that wish to enter the market or bulk up with US acquisitions. One note of caution given concerns over a possible recession in 2023: The US dollar and outbound M&A have a positive correlation that tends to break down during recessions.

Due to economic uncertainty, C-suite leaders will be called upon to be smart about protecting the downside in their businesses, including watching spending and looking for opportunities to trim costs. One large health insurer, for example, invested $8 billion to acquire a company to help it streamline payment and operations. Companies with strong balance sheets are likely to find that uncertainty can serve up some attractive deals. Other companies will be able to take advantage of the current environment to build on their core strategy through transformative deals. A $14 billion deal announced in the fourth quarter of 2022 frees up capital for the seller to focus on a growing demand for manufacturing automation technology.

Even in the midst of uncertainty, the markets are impatient. The most successful deals will be those that allow companies to quickly transform strategic aspects of their business, pushing the business forward quickly. These strategic shifts include opportunities such as moving closer to customers, leaving troubled sectors and speeding up digital transformation.

One pharmaceutical and medical devices firm announced a $16.6 billion acquisition that will enable it to enter a fast-growing segment of the medical device business. The deal is designed to help the acquirer continue to transform into a faster-growth company.

Investing in purpose, ESG and culture are central to unlocking value from transformational deals. Despite economic uncertainties and pressure on costs, 44% of executives are hiring in specific areas to drive growth.

Some businesses will also seek out deals to help them mitigate risks by providing new capabilities or reducing existing risk. The shift to onshoring and near-shoring to reduce supply chain risk is one example of how resilience and security concerns can drive deals.

This may create an opportunity for strategic buyers to acquire earlier-stage companies. Acquirers with capital will likely have opportunities to do deals from a position of strength while factoring the rising cost of capital into dealmaking.

Markets will not be patient. C-suite leaders should seek out transformative deals that can help their company leapfrog forward and quickly generate value for shareholders. Despite some headwinds, we believe there will be opportunities for savvy dealmakers in 2023 and beyond.

There are still Cyber Monday streaming deals to be had, even though the day is over. So while you can, go out and grab one of the many great deals that are still around to help you save on your TV and movie-streaming service of choice.

We're a bit shocked at the super-low price of our favorite service. You can get HBO Max for just $1.99 per month (opens in new tab), savings of $8 per month on the ad-supported tier which usually costs $9.99. This deal was supposed to be over by now, but is still showing up. This discount last three months (total savings of up to $24). You can also still get a year of Paramount Plus for half price (opens in new tab), as well as 50% off Sling TV (their usual deal).

Disney Plus: is $79 for 1 year, will be $109 soon (opens in new tab)Less a new Black Friday deal, and more one of your last chances to get Disney Plus for a cheaper price. Disney Plus' ad-free tier is getting more expensive, with the annual subscription rising to $109 on Dec. 8.

Philo: was $25 now $5 for the first month (opens in new tab)Yellowstone fans rejoice: Philo's Black Friday deal means you can keep up with season 5 for just $5 for your first month, as new and eligible subscribers save 80%. And after that, it's still $15 cheaper than Sling TV. Use the promo code 'THANKS'

Discovery Plus: was $4.99 per month now $0.99 per month (opens in new tab)Been curious about Discovery Plus, a veritable treasure trove of unscripted programming? Your first three months only cost $0.99 with this Cyber Monday deal. This with deal you can watch a ton of content from the Chip and Jo Gaines' Magnolia Network, the 90 Day Fiancé universe and Guy Fieri's food adventures.

Fire TV Stick: was $39 now $19 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)The standard Fire TV Stick has been surpassed by its 4K predecessors, but it still a very capable streaming device. If you don't have a 4K display, it's the ideal choice offering instant access to all your favorite streaming services and a voice controlled remote.

Cyber Monday 2022 may be in the rearview mirror, but shopping deals and discounts are still going strong. Luckily, Amazon is still selling several popular products at a discount. Whether you are looking for a new set of AirPods for your workouts, a Keurig for your kitchen or worthy gifts for family and friends, there's still some time left to snag these products at a budget-friendly price.

Grab the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for around $16 with this post-Cyber Monday deal. This portable filter allows you to easily filter water on the go and is an easy addition to your backpack while hiking or prepping an emergency kit.

You can't put a price on a good night's sleep, and the right piece of furniture can liven up a room and make it a more pleasant space to spend your time in. These still-active Cyber Monday deals are a great opportunity to change up your environment and save some money in the process.

If you're listening to music on the go, make sure you've got some headphones or earbuds you really love. You owe it to your favorite artists and bands to listen to music at its best, and these ongoing Cyber Monday deals will blow you away with a one-two punch of great sound quality and big savings.

Looking to play games in any room of your house? Need a new laptop or tablet for work? Cyber Monday deals are still available and a great opportunity to save big on a quality machine. You don't have to go broke buying a laptop that'll run your favorite games.

Among the great deals we're keeping tabs on is this great price on a Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier. You can still get the device for $159.99, saving on an excellent air purifier with a true HEPA filter that will help you weather the winter months.

Looking to make your home a smart home? Need a little added security for peace of mind? Check out Amazon's smart-home Cyber Monday deals still available and take home smart bulbs, a garage-door control, security cameras and more.

Get a lot of meals delivered? Save on all those GrubHub fees with a convenient GrubHub+ membership. Listening to a lot of new music? Stream all your new and old favorites with a great deal on an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. 041b061a72

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