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Nt6 X Fast Installer 100219 7z: How to Download and Use It

Modifying Windows Installer is not for everyone. There are five very good reasons why you should not modify Windows Installer. The first reason is that is not supported out of the box. The second reason is that you are more likely to break the build if you change core Windows Installer constructs. The third reason is that you will likely have a difficult time getting security to recognize your custom MSI as valid. The fourth reason is that modifying the core is actually a break down of the very core of the base Windows Installer design. The fifth and biggest reason is that the core of Windows Installer is not supported by Microsoft in any way. If you decide to build a new tool based on Windows Installer, be very careful with your choices.

Nt6 X Fast Installer 100219 7z

But you may want to modify Windows Installer. This is your choice. Also, keep in mind that these customizations are only valuable if they are specific to your situation. So, if you remove a pre-requisite, that isn't useful in your environment.

MSI is capable of supporting applications that provide a large number of custom actions. However, in general the custom actions only work for the GUI installer phase because the standard packages do not. The good news is that the command line installer will support any action, however it will only work for the execute phase.

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