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Crystal Jewels

Crystal jewels are a powerful way of self-expression and it may be tough to put our finger on why we are drawn to some more than others. However, of all gemstones, there are some that stand out with their versatility and renowned benefits.

crystal jewels

The perceived mystical properties of labradorite are equally as interesting as its appearance. This gemstone was often used in magic and rituals as it was believed to create a shield for auras and protect against negativity. Excellent for enhancing intuition, it is a perfect stone for anyone going through change and looking for their path. The crystal will allow you to listen to and trust your inner voice, it will strengthen your will and help you be more open to new opportunities.

Rose quartz is reputed to help the wearer attract love, but the stone will also and, perhaps more importantly, never allow you to forget to love yourself no matter what situation you are in. Self-acceptance and the ability to accept love are beautiful metaphysical properties of rose quartz. But you do not need to believe in the power of crystals to enjoy wearing rose quartz jewellery and allow its presence to remind you to always be kind to yourself.

In the realm of spirituality, rock crystals are believed to have the power to eliminate inner chaos. The gemstone filters out distractions, supports concentration, and brings clarity. It cleanses the soul of the energies dragging you down and stimulates positive vibes. For all its beneficial properties it is often considered the most powerful healing crystal on this planet, lovingly re-connecting you with your inner self.

Associated with new beginnings, rock crystal is the birthstone of April and the zodiac sign of Aries. It is also a good match for Leos but generally works for anyone needing to get rid of old patterns and wishing to bring positivity into their life.

Citrine crystals vary in size and can be rather large which makes them ideal for statement pieces. With its vibrant, golden hue, citrine jewelry is an indispensable addition to your summer wardrobe matching perfectly with the more colourful, joyous clothes. It is a delightful accent to all hues of green but will also add a touch of radiance to a formal black dress.

Of all crystal jewels there are some that stand out with their versatility and renowned benefits. We have picked 10 gems that are universally beneficial and would make an excellent addition to every woman's treasure trove.

The Charles I jewels were the first examples of mourning jewelry made to memorialize a specific individual. Before Stuart Crystal, Memento Mori jewelry had been popular. These skull / bones / gravedigger / skeleton themed pieces served to remind the wearer that death lurks around the corner, but in a more impersonal, universal way.

This magnificent crystal jewel Kelcie mini pendant will bring the perfect hint of sparkle to any space, from a dining room to a newborn's nursery. Featuring a teardrop silhouette and a brushed nickel finish, this versatile mini pendant design blends beautifully with any decor, adding a hint of glamour.

Jai is a non-binary artist from Toronto Canada. Jai sought out the natural healing and beauty of crystals, as a way of dealing with the chaos and trauma in their life. A desire to share and showcase these wonders from the earth led Jai to begin wire-wrapping crystals into jewelry. Jai also creates stunning one-of-a kind resin and crystal wall art geodes and resin memorial art work treasures, by custom order only. Whether it's a unique crystal geode display piece or a vibrant piece of handmade jewelry, Jai imbues everything with love, intention and positive healing energy. A firm believer in karma and paying it forward, Jai donates materials and time to other artists looking to learn and develop their own skills. 041b061a72

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