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Best Place To Buy Hid Bulbs

With a color temperature of up to 4700K, these bulbs are said to illuminate the road ahead with a crisp, pure white beam that cuts through the darkness like a hot knife through butter. Its color hue should provide a great color match to stock or aftermarket LED fog lamps, an infuriating trend that is starting to pollute the roads of our nation.

best place to buy hid bulbs

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The company takes great pains to infuse their product with all manner of authenticity and piracy-prevention tools. Philips purports this pair of bulbs to be fully DOT compliant since they are designed to be a direct replacement upgrade.

Available in 35W and 55W, these HID bulbs are built to last for up to 15,000 hours of use, or over three times that of standard halogens, and come with a market-best lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. The bulbs can also be installed in under 30 minutes thanks to their Plug-n-Play design, which mimics your OEM bulb specs, and are available in 7 different colors ranging from yellow and white to blue and purple.

Its light rating of 8000k will likely produce a medium-blue output color, a shade which may induce road rage in your fellow motorists if these bulbs are not leveled correctly. The wiring pigtails are said to be of the plug-n-play variety, designed to hook up with a compatible ballast kit with ease. The bulb design should snug itself into housings not originally designed to accept an HID bulb but be aware that the light pattern may be off if care is not taken during installation.

Its 4300K light rating is an OEM standard, meaning they should cast a white illumination hue, not blue. The company touts the long life of this bulb, a good thing since they are sold at the upper end of the price spectrum for this type of product. Watch for counterfeit versions of this bulb. As with tires, brakes, and denim jeans, it is a good idea to replace them in pairs.

Gas-discharge bulbs, of which High Intensity Discharge xenons are a type, originally appeared on high-zoot machines like the Mercedes S-Class. HID lamps do not have a filament like halogen and other older-type lamps, a feature which allows them to last longer than standard bulbs.

Unlike LED bulbs, it is a poor idea to test HIDs outside the headlight housing. Always replace the things in pairs and know that, after a couple of hundred hours of use, they will likely go through a slight color shift.

I bought the Phillips Crystal vision (by mail-order, because I live on the edge of civilization) and had the Lexus dealer install them. Waited for dark and went for a spin. What the living hell, these lights are pointing nearly straight up. The reflection off the overhead highway signs is blinding and there is no light on the road. Take the car back, Lexus says the adjusters are where they are supposed to be, but they will do their best to deal with it. They crank the adjusters all the way down. Wait for dark go for a spin. There's darkness about 10-12ft in front of the car, patchy shadowy light everywhere else and the some hot-spots off to the side, almost no light straight ahead. $200CAD in the garbage, bought the Lexus OEM, won't get fooled again.

These D3S HID bulbs are a direct replacement bulb for your car that came equipped from the factory with HID Xenon OEM bulbs. The factory color is the 4300k pure white, but you can choose from any of the color options listed if you prefer something different. They are a very low energy consumption bulb while being powered by 35w.Whats included- Two plug and play OEM style replacement HID bulbs per quantity "1".

Each XenonPro HID kit comes with everything needed for a simple, plug-and-play upgrade, including a set of high-tech, ultra-slim ballasts that deliver maximum performance and efficiency. Better still, each kit is covered by a lifetime warranty that makes it easy to get a replacement part should something fail.

The replacement bulbs are also compatible with most aftermarket HID kits, and each pair of bulbs includes two plug-and-play wiring harnesses allowing for a quick and easy installation. HID Warehouse says its bulbs are waterproof and shockproof, 100-percent reversible, and have received ISO9001 certification.

Cougar Motor says each bulb is laser aligned to the base during the manufacturing process, ensuring a tight beam pattern. The blend of xenon gas is also measured to the proper color temperature and is said to not fade over time. The bulbs have a projected lifespan of 3,000 hours, offer up to 7600 lumens per pair, are IP67 waterproof, and come with a two-year warranty.

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Additionally, HIDs bring with them a myriad of potential problems. Amongst the major items include repetitive maintenance and replacement costs both in parts and labor (HIDs have a much shorter lifespan than LEDs), potentially hazardous waste (internal mercury) and dangerous emissions (UV) in the event that the bulb is broken or the casing experiences some type of failure, and small things like required warm-up times, inability to effectively dim, and typically shorter warranty coverage.

D3S is a type of HID bulb that has had a refresh over the last few years. Since 2009, new D3S bulbs contain no mercury, making them more eco-friendly, and they operate at a different voltage. In order to figure out the best one to buy, we have acquired nine different D3S bulbs on the market to put them to the test to see what is best for your vehicle.

We will be using the original OEM D3S bulbs as the benchmark to compare the others against. The original bulbs that came in the Durango, the Xenarc 66340 HBI D3S in a 4650K color ($100 a pair online). At low beams, these are rated at 800 maximum Lux and 1320 maximum Lux. Both are solid ratings, but when getting more light than the stock incandescent bulbs will set you up nicely when driving on the road.

OSRAM Xenarc 66340 CBI Cool Blue HID Bulbs come in at $165 a pair. The Lux rating on low beam rates at 720 maximum Lux with the high beam rating at 1580 maximum Lux. These offer more lumens than the once industry-standard Philips 4300K bulb, but with a higher Kelvin rating of up to 6000K. Whereas most bulbs lose lumens when their Kelvin rises, the CBI's still manage to give users the benefit of brighter light combined with whiter light - the best of both worlds indeed!

While the older version of this bulb, the XNB, had 70% more light output, this new one has 200% more light output thanks to the most modern technology and some crafty physical changes Osram made to the focal position of the bulbs, they've really pulled out the stops on low beam performance!

Morimoto XB D3S 5500K is priced at $75 a pair. The low beam maximum Lux is at 740, almost as bright as stock. For the high beams, the rating is at 770 maximum Lux. This option is probably the best bang for your buck on this list.

At the heart of the XB D3S bulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high-quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; these Morimoto HID replacement bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K.

HID Warehouse Bulbs, a common brand of HID headlight bulbs you can find on Amazon. Typically, around $33 a pair, we measured these at 320 maximum Lux for the low beam, and 950 maximum Lux on the high beam.

The Philips 42403 XV2 Extreme Vision comes in at $250 a pair. In this test, we measured them at 700 maximum Lux and 1390 maximum Lux for low and high beams accordingly. These bulbs have great longevity and operate at a higher lumen rate than their predecessor.

Lastly, the OSRAM Xenarc 66340 CBB 7000K Cool Blue is priced at $260 a pair. The low beam is 810 maximum Lux and the high beam is rated at 1410 maximum Lux. Something to note is that Osram rates these bulbs at 7000K, which is actually quite blue.

However, in our own testing, we found the CBB to have no more "blue" color to it compared to the CBH (which they rate at 6000K) and/or the CBI (which they rate at 5500K). In this case, it seems that Osram is actually playing into the common misnomer that Kelvin rating = brightness, by rating the bulbs accordingly higher. Weird! 041b061a72

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